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Put the intelligence

where the data is


Improve battery life and security while reducing data costs by running intelligence where you generate the data. Infuse-IoT makes it easy to rapidly deploy both your own and third-party algorithms directly on the device using our Infuse-IoT fabric layer.

Change the way you think about Embedded

Accelerate your innovation and giving your customers what they want without the hassle of compiling a a whole new binary

There is an ever-increasing need to be faster and more agile in decision-making from the data we collect from thousands of Microcontroller (MCU)-powered devices. Intelligence has always been seen as something that is rapidly deployed and iterated at the cloud or edge. Using Infuse-IoT, it is now possible to do this on the sensor as well.

Easily expand your developer base and partnerships 

Rapidly build apps for embedded devices

Continue to deliver new functionality without the hassle


Rapidly build devices like the cloud

Unlock the full potential of your devices with Infuse-IoT! Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge algorithms, advanced logic, and powerful applications from our vibrant knowledge marketplace. Keep iterating and adding value to your customers, while we take care of all the hard and boring parts. Transform your IoT experience and elevate your innovations with ease!




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